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Yahoo Joins Google Bandwagon In Securing the Search

March 20th, 2014

Yahoo Joins Google Bandwagon In Securing the Search

Following Google, Yahoo too joined the bandwagon to provide a default secure search.

So how does it change the search experience?

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Till now Yahoo search was passing search information like keywords, referrer, geography etc. to the website that has enabled tracking mechanisms on their website. Now to protect the privacy of the user, when you do a web search on or you’ll be redirected to so that all your tracking data is now secure and private and it wont be shared. What it means to webmasters, well it further exacerbates the “not provided” woes.

Here is a quick look at how each of the major search engines handles the Secure Search Feature.

• Google: SSL is now default for every search. Google will protect your privacy and it wont send the referral data such as “keywords” to the various analytics tracking softwares. How ever full referrer data is provided to Advertisers who uses Google’s advertising platform.
• Bing: Secured search is not default. Secure search never passes the referrer data.
• Yahoo: Secure search is now default. No referrer data is passed. Advertiser receives full referrer data.
So What’s Next For SEO?

With secured search adopted as default, Web marketers are stripped of with keyword intelligence they once had. With the number of “not provided” keywords taking up a chunk, no actionable results can be taken with the analytics data.

Digital Marketers have now resorted to content oriented page strategy rather than keyword stuffing.

This essentially increases the quality of the content that helps the visitors rather than on just concentrating on keywords.


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