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Did you change your Address of your business? How to update it on Google+ Places
Did you change your Address of your business? How to update it on Google+ Places   Google has come up with clear guidelines regarding how to update your changed addresses of your businesses on Google Places “Verified business owner of a page, and is your business moving location? Here’s what you do. Edit your address in Google Places for Business or in the Google+ page admin area, whichever you are using to manage ...
Did You Know Hundreds of Websites List Your Business Information – are they accurate?
Are You Monitoring Your Online Reviews? Did You Know Hundreds of Websites List Your Business Information – are they accurate? Do you have control of all your map listings across the Internet? Are you making it easy for people to provide testimonials? Are you able to easily manage and promote your services through Facebook? If this is a sore subject for you, or one you would rather ignore it, you are not ...
Revisited: January 17ths Google updates and its repercussions
Revisited: January 17ths  Google update and its repercussions January was the most eventful month with respect to Google updates. There was three updates. On January 22nd there was second update, which was categorized as Panda. But the update which we are more concerned with is January 17 th update which created ripples among SEO’s because of the well pronounced effect it had on the Search engine results.   The concern among ...
Phone Numbers will no longer appear on Adwords Ads.
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Algorithm change? Google automatically appends brand name on Snippets.
Google always strives to give the best results to its visitors using Google Search. In a latest move, what seems to be an algorithmic change, Google automatically tweaks the Meta <title> tags and appends the Brand name on to the title snippet in the SERP to make it more relevant and informative.   Take for example when you do a Google Search for “Lincoln Nebraska Performing Arts”.
Much Awaited Pintrest Analytics is here.
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Dubious, low quality and Spammy Merchants: Beware of the next Google Update.
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Hands on guide to the latest Google Places dashboard design.
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