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Plain and simple, we dont work using any backlinking packages or black hat methods. We create a completely customised SEO strategy built around your website. You pay us for results and we keep to our promise everytime. We are completely transparent and send monthly reports outlining your rankings and our progress. All you do is sit back and watch your traffic increase!
Not provided – The search for transparency and data
Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 8.35.53 AM Google’s info on traffic and sales on organic keywords is significantly “Not provided”. This is not new. The online search engine giant started withholding details on natural referrers from its web-analytics devices, like Google Analytics, for factors of “user personal privacy” some time ago. This implies, the key words the search individual makes use of to get to your site are not disclosed to the site owner anymore. This means two ...
The after-effects of the Hummingbird algorithm.
photo (5) It’s been just over 6 weeks since Google officially announced their new ‘Hummingbird’ upgrade. Now we’ve had a long time to get our heads round the details, what does it indicate for SEO experts and digital online marketers? Hummingbird Hi Hummingbird Amit Singal, Senior citizen Vice President of search at Google, very first introduced the algorithm as the business’s most recent and biggest effort to match the significance of queries performed by users ...
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