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January 16th, 2015

This year, BIG changes are expected afoot for the likes of Twitter, Facebook and others. With all these updates, it can be rather difficult to predict the future of social media. With that caveat in mind, here’s a look into the crystal ball at what we should expect from social media in 2015.

Videos are going to play a vital role in Social Media. Twitter is on the way to launch it’s version of Video ads. Many people are expecting it to be similar to “Vine” but there’s no official confirmation on this yet. On the other hand, Facebook is more focused on its newly launched Video Ads. By these moves we can expect a year full of Videos! 

Screenshot 2015-01-16 15.20.08


Paid Media - All social Media sites especially Facebook is focusing on Paid Media rather than organic. So now onwards if you need exposure of your business over Social Media platforms you have to emphasize on Paid Adverting campaign in your Marketing strategy. 


Screenshot 2015-01-16 15.21.36

Can’t Get Rid of Ads - As per Facebook’s new algorithm, you will see more paid content on your timeline. Using ‘Newsfeed Ads’ by Facebook and ‘Promoting Tweets’ by Twitter, marketers can showcase their content to the specific targeting audiences. 

Screenshot 2015-01-16 15.22.16

World of Smart Phones - It’s a known trend that people are using mobile phones as part of their life. So Marketers are exploring the option of targeting people who are using smart phones. For instance, Facebook Ads has come up with a special targeting option only for Smartphone users. 

Screenshot 2015-01-16 15.23.27

Apps Integration - Almost all the Social Networking sites are providing the options to promote your mobile apps in front of your audience. Facebook and Twitter are providing special ad segment for App Advertising. 

Screenshot 2015-01-16 15.24.13

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